Replatforming legacy product

marketIQExperian had a very successful legacy product that entered and analysed mergers and acquisitions. However, it was reaching its end of life, and extremely hard to maintain and improve.

My role was to create the business plan and requirements for the new platform. I acted as product owner for the software development, working closely with developers and database specialists to create and deliver the MVP.

  • First phase: completely re-engineered and improved the data entry process
  • Second phase: replaced the existing user interface with a clean, modern and mobile-capable application with improved searching capabilities

Experian MarketIQ made it easier for senior M&A users to run queries themselves, giving Experian access to a broader range of decision makers within the user base and expanding the number of customers using the tool, broadening its appeal and usage.

New data entry process reduced cost and improved specialist personnel productivity, including automated lookups and data standardisation.