New maritime platform

Pole Star was finding it very difficult to innovate. Tracking software developed years previously was monolithic, difficult to maintain and almost impossible to change.

I was appointed to recruit additional staff and deliver the new platform, which I did by creating a series of micro-services to enable independent deployment of upgrades as well as integrate third party applications. I recruited a new devops team to enable continuous deployment of software without downtime.

New services included Ship Security Alert Management, Risk Insight, and Piracy Alerts.
My team also:
• Built an API to enable customers to integrate with their own ERP systems
• Built a much easier to use platform with higher security capable of being deployed in both private and AWS cloud environments
The result was a unified piece of software that replaced a number of tracking products, created a mobile application capability, and enabled faster delivery of new features to over 1200 commercial customers. A new API capability was valued by sophisticated customers and designed to create new partnership opportunities.