Bboxx Re-Platforming

I joined Bboxx as their first Product Owner in 2018. At that time the organisation had grown tremendously and was struggling with the efficiency of their systems. There was no software product marketing organisation to drive priorities.

First step was to create and deploy a new payments API. This deliverable took payments from 12 different sources, normalised them, and then matched them correctly to customers. Typically these were micropayments of less than $1 so automated matching was critical to success as was 100% uptime. The team created an entirely new system using AWS to build scaleability and security and the system today processes between 1-2 million payments per day, and over 99.5% of these are matched automatically to customers, making it fast and cost efficient.

Second step was to create the justification for rewriting the platform that Bboxx had been using. This included an OTA wireless data platform to track individual unit performance on more than 400k devices, a new operating platform for country sales teams, and a completely new interface to SAP by Design to enable financial reporting. This involved building a new team of product owners, working with a brand new product marketing team, and working with a newly appointed outsourced development team in Pakistan.

Today that platform has been rolled out to all the countries that Bboxx operates in and manages the operations and financial payments for solar home systems, home cooking gas, solar water pumps and mobile phones. As Bboxx website says…

“We have developed Bboxx Pulse® a fully integrated operating system which harnesses remote monitoring and internet of things technology to deliver energy access in a scalable and distributed model. 

Bboxx Pulse collects billions of data points everyday in order to meet our customers’ long term needs and give them the most reliable service possible.”

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