What others say

“His global experience made him adjust his marketing strategies according to the geography.”

“He regularly executed an amazing balancing act between the desire to do the right thing, and the pressure to get the message out at the right time, clearly understanding the dual importance of both correctness and timing.”

“He has sharp eye for details while keeping the big strategic picture in mind and maintaining relentless focus on quality and customer’s needs. He is good decision maker, team player, and motivator.”

“Peter is an excellent man-manager who takes time out to provide valuable counsel and advice to his team. He has a deep understanding of how large, multinational organisations operate and has the business skills that enables him to make sense of complex business issues.”

“Peter displayed incredible amounts of energy and adaptability. He is an ‘out-of-the-box’ strategist: an intelligent, fast and forward thinker who can manoeuvre himself deftly through changing situations whilst delivering pioneering solutions that deliver lasting, positive impact.”

“Peter coached the team, which had not worked together. He led the team from the front delivering incisive analysis and understanding of the issues which confronted the team in addition to exhibiting superb problem solving skills required to resolve complex interactive problems. While I would claim it was brilliant casting on my behalf , in truth it was Peter’s ability to come up a steep learning curve without breaking stride which prevailed- needless to say the product delivered.”

Peter has a vast wealth of knowledge and experience and can excel at number of high level business functions. Relationship management skills are outstanding as he has the rare ability to focus and deliver consistent quallity results through leadership.

Peter is an ideal client, understanding the technical aspect of the work whilst driving the commercial product. Perhaps most admirable, is his talent of combining the advice of multiple (and often contrasting) specialists to form a successful solution time and time again.

Peter has an amazing combination of vision, ability and the determination to make it all happen. He was always able to provide a level head, a good understanding of what is really important and the willingness and ability to adapt to changing circumstances.

His years of marketing and business experience show through and I feel fortunate to have been able to benefit from this and learn similarly. Peter is very organised and a motivating and encouraging team lead. Very easy to get on with, Peter is a true business professional.

He knows how to create an atmosphere of fun, success, and unique mission (being part of something special). If you want to win, you have to have fun.

Peter impressed me with his sense for detail and the rigor he applied in the job to ensure the development teams only had validated requirements in a proper quality. This meant that the development organization didn’t waste any time on wrong or badly written requirements.

He has sharp eye for details while keeping the big strategic picture in mind and maintaining relentless focus on quality and customer’s needs.

I rely on Peter’s ability to produce information proactively that I can use to make our proposition to our customers even stronger.